Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And So It Goes...

Welcome to my first blog. I never thought I would actually would have one of these. But lately I've been inspired to use the blog as a way to share my thoughts, lessons, and sermons I've preached. My blog is named in honor of my Bishop M.O. Martin Jr. If you ever heard any of his preaching, he would call something " BOLOGNA!" if was truth according to the Word of God. You could bank on it he would say it at least once a week. BOLOGNA! He would yell. I sure do miss his teachings. Hopefully his son,which is now my Pastor, Bro Otto Martin, will start some trademark sayings LOL. 


I will be posting my first blog today sometime. I would like to try to post on a weekly basis. Feel free to comment and discuss Bible Doctrine. Because here...there's No Bull, No Bologna...Fully Apostolic.

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